Smallest van

Hey peeps…

What’s the smallest van I can fit a bike, spare set of wheels and front and rear stands in?

Need to be cheap to buy and run.

Or, would it be cheaper to run a small car and trailer set up?

Just thought I’d ask in here first.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

Depends whether you want to stay in it or not - if its just transportation and you just want something small probably a transit. Ive also got a collapsible trailer that will carry one litre bike on the back of the estate car which we use for BSB meets. But to be honest, I have far too much impatience for a transit and have a MWB sprinter for track days.

Thought you’d just wheelie the bike in :smiley:

Cheers luv…Well the van / car is for track days and I defo won’t be sleeping in it.

Remember seeing a picture of a Renault Espace with an R1 and Gixxer Thou squeezed in.

Cheers for the ideas.

jonesy can squeeze his trackbike and gear into his vauxhall combi van - the bike goes in corner to corner

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


I had a Renault Kangoo Max, the longer Version. Enough place for two Ducatis, but they had too much weight. But for one bike an ideal choice.

Could send pictures, but after christmas;)

Bye Carsten

I was enticed by the idea of a Smart Car and a box trailer. Ideal for London and making people look and laugh :slight_smile:

I’ll look into that…Think TfL might have a few up for sale cheap soon :laugh:

I’ve been looking into buying a van for taking the bike to trackdays and have also been looking for something quite small.
I’ve heard of people fitting bikes into the back of Espace’s and the likes but I don’t think it’s too practical when you add wheels and stands.
I reckon that the easiest would be one of the earlier VW T4 transporters like B uses, they seem to have plenty of space for a bike and spares.

One thing that’s put me off the idea of a van and is pushing me towards using a car and trailer is the new low emission zone that has been brought in. Some of the older vans out there will be subject to the daily charge from 2010 onwards. You can find out on the TFL site if any particular van will have to pay the charge or not.

Good point…Might really be looking those Shite Cars then…600cc ahoy :wink:


how much u looking @ spending on a van include insurance, tax and any other exspenses? how many trackdays are you gona do in a year? would it be cheaper to hire a van???

it could be easier just to hire a van m8 some places charge £35 a day(+£250 for deposit) and normally a good l8 spec van aswell

or if ur doing the same trackdays i`m doing there might be space in my van(its me m8s so i might not always have the use of it)

Just got a Citroen Relay 2001 plate for a little under a grand has three seats in the front,takes two bikes and all the kit easy, fits under the tunnel at brands which is handy if you need to pop out during the day.I used it for the first time the other day 2 bikes all the gear plus driver and two passengers 85 to 90 mph down the motorway no problem and not too bad on juice.

That Citroen Relay sounds like the one.

hi afro,

I use old vans for racing. I’ve had the same 500 quid transit all year. 200 quid insurance and its cheap motoring. I’d definately go for a transporter or something similar though as they are a lot faster and more economical. Def get a van though and not a trailer. Imagine going to cadwell at 50mph towing a trailer :frowning:


well if ya don`t get ya van m8 the offer is there fella :wink:

Yep…Scratch the trailer…It’s slow enough getting there on the bike.

Cheers mate…Hope to see you on track in the new year.

A mate of mine got a gsxr600 a cb500 and all his race gear in a vauxhall combi van! But I would suggest a transit. I have a old one like seb and I kip in the back of it with the misses at race meets, It’s got carpet and everything!:smiley: I’ve used it for two years now and all i’v done is change the oil once.

I used to trailor the bike on the back of an estate car, and trust me it’s a lot less hassle havin a van.

i was supposed to do 50mph?? :w00t:

oops :hehe:

Just walked out of a shíte meeting…but one useful thing came out of it.

The LEZ or Low Emission Zone was talked about and apparently, most vehicles made from 2001 will be exempt from paying the charge to enter the zone because they meet the required level for emissions.

Maybe I can get a van which will qualify then :slight_smile: