Smallest ducati is...

696cc - they don’t do ‘entry’ level. Now that’s R’n’R!!!

At 65bhp for a full-size bike, it’s pretty “entry-level” I think.

I’m such a bike n00b - it makes me sick.

but as I think virtually every time I see a porsche- there’s no point having the horsepower if you don’t ever use it.

65 bhp is o.k. Not going to set the world alight, but decent enough given the chasis.

Sop what’s the problem?

65hp in a light bike = fun :smiley:

the small monsters are great first bikes and very easy to ride…

Yes, I think that’s about what JerryXt’s husaberg makes and I can’t wait to have a go on that :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, and I didn’t say they’re not fun. I had bags of fun on my XT660, which had less than 50 bhp.
But … I’d still say the baby monster is an entry level full size bike, equivalent to the SV650 sort of thing. Nothing wrong with that.
I guess what I was trying to say was that the fact it’s nearly 700cc doesn’t mean one can compare it to an R6 or something.

I like the old monster a lot. The only one I have ridden is my friend’s S4RS, which is awesome, but doesn’t really fit in the “small monster” category. I haven’t ridden the new monster, but found it quite small and uncomfortable (tbh, the old shape was a bit small for me too).

696 makes 80bhp.

80 at the crank, apparently only about 65 at the rear wheel

yeah its defo entry level dude, wasn’t saying its wasn’t

Is the point the OP making that the “smallest” engine size is 696 … which is hardly small or insurance friendly to a newbie? Coz if that’s the case then +1 … but then if you can afford to buy and maintain a 696 - I suppose you aren’t much concerned by insurance costs :cool:

Not sure about the new one, but I looked to get the old moster 620 as my first bike a couple of years ago and it was the cheapest to insure compared to the other bikes on my shortlist.
I think they’re fairly cheap to own.


“I think they’re fairly cheap to own.”

Ducati-Fairly cheap to own. Now that’s not a phrase that springs to mind.

I bought a 620 as my first proper bike and it’s great fun, had it about a year and a half now and the sound with Termi’s is awesome!

Cheap to insure - Yes
Fairly cheap to own - Yes (Don’t believe ducati myths)
Cheap to buy - I would say so for what you get - Brembo brakes, braided lines, slipper clutch etc. I paid £2200 for mine including Termi’s with very low mileage

BUT with the smaller engined ones you tend to want more soon enough that’s why mine is for sale :smiley:

if you want entry level: