Smaller helmet speakers

I bought myself a new helmet (Shark) and installed my standard Cardo speakers but the recess is too small.
They are pressing on my ears so I’m hoping to find some smaller ones. I don’t really want to start hacking polystyrene out of the helmet so any help appreciated.

Mine were a tight squeeze in my replacent HJC. I kept pushing them back in and eventually they stayed put.

Custom moulded earphones all day long mate. Speakers are terrible.

Claire and I both use these with our intercoms. Best experience.


Thanks, I’ll have a look.

Hi Jay
I’m deciding to buy two of these plus intercoms. Can I ask what intercoms do you use?

Nice, you won’t regret it. We use the top wired ones.

We use Cardo Packtalk Black units. Very good.

Thanks Jay. Now we are on bike travel (Picos de Europa and north of Spain) and we have realised how missed the intercoms. I will buy something for the next trip.


We can’t do without them. I’m be in so much trouble if I didn’t respond to the requests for a wee stop :slight_smile:

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I was dropping my daughter off in North London yesterday and amid her non-stop subject hopping babble she suddenly asked: ‘do you regret getting intercoms?’

She read my mind. Or perhaps me not saying anything for 20 minutes prompted her.

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I’ve got Custom Fit Guards ones, best £170 I’ve spent tbh, love them

Packtalk bold for us. They won’t do a whole day though if you have music on and chat. Need to have a battery pack for a quick charge at a lunch stop.

Ours last the whole day. Maybe your day is longer than ours :slight_smile: