SM fun CCM 404 DS for Sale

**CCM 404 DS 2004 For Sale £2000 **
Good SM fun. Owned for 8 months; around 6K miles, oil and filter changed, MOT & Tax due July, Brembo, WP, axle and peg sliders; clean stock bike, road use only. Repairs: needs right side mirror, dash lights not coming on after sitting for a few weeks - I will disconnect and clean connectors and see what happens; head, brake lights and indicators work ok. Heading home shortly for a bit, and would ship it, but a little too much red tape involved.
Posted on other forums then bay of e… thanks for looking :cool:

The one for you CoolTempo - lecky start, Suzuki DRZ motor ie. reliable, long service intervals; great through traffic, guaranteed grin every ride, esp. BCR! Great entry to Supermoto & will have you sell the CBR :wink:

MD - that’s a beaut Husky there, if I was sticking around…



its a nice clean bike mate:) shame to see you sell. when you heading off?

Thanks dude - looking at May if all goes smoothly. Can squeeze a coupla BCRs until then though :cool:

Ok done these now - so beddy byes for the 404 until she’s sold. Some more pics to show + even cleaner ones later (ie to replace the dirty chain + sprocket). Needs speedo replaced (not part of MOT). New Oil + filter, clean brake fluid top up were done <500 miles ago. Price now £1850 neg in consideration to the above.

Grab yourself a summer SM bargain to put a grin on every time you hop on it; strong reliable motor happy to mingle with the orange crowd :slight_smile:

08/05/2010 Fresh rubber Maxxis Goldspeed front; George Castanza Avon Distanzia rear
**11/05/2010 Oil changed ** with Silkolene fully synthetic :slight_smile: