slow rock music for SPere

hope this is going to be to your liking as you did say that you like slow rock :slight_smile:

i once played this song and few other songs by Alice in Chains to one of my ex’es and i think he said along the lines of “you call that music?” in my head i was severely insulting him, but then i thought what would he know, he hasn’t listened to music…any music for a long long time, never listened to any songs whilst with me, why argue with someone who’s not passionate about music…

Sure is, Nutshell is another good slow rock song by them

Same here, I always get the “So you are from Goa, you must listen to Indian music and watch Hindi movies. What is your favorite song? Have you seen so and so movie?” and then I’ll try to explain how I haven’t seen a Hindi movie in ages and prefer to listen to rock and metal music, usually followed by the “which planet does he live on” looks :hehe: Now days I just hang around friends who share my taste in music … and biking :cool:

No idea which genre you like (other than Soulfly and the gay tune :P) so hopefully to your liking, some Metallica