Slough - Windsor

Just wondering if there any forum bikers in my area

There’s a couple of us from Slough, and a guy in Maidenhead

Check here

do I take it from yer avatar that that is a couple of girls?

OFF out now to get some food from Tescos Garage on London road

I am Central Slough at the CO-OP roundabout

Ride VFR800 VTEC in silver

Know it well, I’m just up the A412 past the canal bridge;) don’t tell anyone or they’ll all know where i live :wink:

ha ha:w00t:

Hayes here… so just round the corner :smiley:

Living in Slough…well, Langley Woods! :smiley: But we’re just off the A4, London Road not far from the Harvester/Toby junction with the traffic lights as you’re going to the M4.

I use the A412 to get to and from work although I tend to join it near Iver rather than go into Slough and jump on it there.

im in high wycombe mate

Im in Bracknell.

Hells Angels have an active chapter in Windsor…

(I’ll get me coat!):Whistling:

Maidenhead. :smiley:

Used to have a silver Vtec myself, but now on a black busa.

Live in Bracknell…

work in Windsor, Slough, Bracknell, Iver, Maidenhead…

Black K7 GSXR1000

‘PB’ on bike and Lid…

And so I am but in the posh part of it… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m everywhere :smiley: You can here me flying pass your area time to time :cool:

Didn’t know there was one :stuck_out_tongue:

There is… since I moved there…:cool:


won’t I get my bike nicked in Slough?