Slippery when wet

We were playing football with Nina, our German Shepherd, and found her football covered in dog spit to be the slipperiest thing we had touched today.

What was yours?

Fixing my ex wifes rotary washing line. My daughter had bent the pole… So I was trying to get the spindle lock down the pole… with loads of WD40…

I was slippery… I can tell you!

You ain’t tried Spaniel spit yet?

Please send a sample, we`ll PM our address.

With mixed feelings, I have to report the demise of the last Spaniel Christmas before last. Now nothing but a lot of mixed memories and a bloody great dent in the lawn. Always was an awkward bugger.

I could disinter but the P.O. are not going to take that, even first class, guaranteed before noon next day.

I suggest a visit to a dog rescue centre for sampling.

Sorry to hear that Oldguy, fancy a bit of german shepherd spit?

How can I put this without causing offence.

“**** off.” “You must be joking.”

How about just “No, thanks?”


Just a possible token of friendship but if you`re so touchy!:wink:

Squeeze a piece of KFC chicken and capture the ooze which squodges out of it. Apply liberally to your chain and it should last a good few thousand miles.

<Homer voice>

mmmmmmmm KFC

</Homer voice>

KFC grease will last for years, the chain will probably throw off.

My money is still on Spanial spit.