Slippery new road surface A41 Finchley Rd area

Locked my front wheel and left a nice black line when a cab changed lanes unexpectedly in front of me last night. My PR4s don’t normally let go that easily. Stayed on ok. Checked on way in today and the surface is new and a bit slippy. Take care.

Where was that? I commute up the Finchely Road (from swiss cottage up to the old clock tower) and it’s a new surface but hasn’t seemed particularly slippery

yes the new surface is fine until I went for v hard breaking then I found the grip was not as good as expected, quite a surprise and lucky I stayed upright. Check it out, there are quite a few black skid marks on the new surface already, e.g. near the lights by Arkwright Rd. Looks like I wasn’t the only one skidding.

I miss the odd adrenalin rush of wheel lock ups, The 250 having ABS.

Ah, the old ABS chestnut…  I’ve yet to try it on a bike and am still unimpressed (mostly) with it on my car :wink: