Slip on exhaust

Hey, was wondering how easy it is to fit a slip on exhaust? I’m interested in getting a laser extreme exhaust and wondering if it’s quite simple to fit a slip on exhaust. Also if anyone would be willing to help me fit it too. :slight_smile:

Damn! i have just realised you PM’d me on FB. sorry dude!

Its simple enough. a few spanners and a basic tool set. The exup valve wires and such can be a tad fidderly. ill PM ya on FB when im hone, very late tonight! :w00t: sorry again.

I’m not surprised in the least that Bo-Peep lost your message :w00t:

In Bo Peeps defense…you only need one tool…and the jobs a goodun:hehe:

I’ve done a few on these, pretty straightforward, just a few basic tools required.