Sky package for Eurosport

Hey does anyone know what minimum Sky TV package I have to get to receive the Eurosport channels?

Looking to take out a subscription for the first time and it doesn’t seem immediately obvious.

Ta in advance.

when I took mine out it was in the news channels. but think they’ve changed their package structure.

I’ve got the movie package with no sports, but get euro sports. So at a guess could be one of those free channels.

Phone them they are usually good with things like that. They also do good deals over the phone. (Barter!)

Thanks guys :smiley:

it’s on entertainment extra, so normal subscription +£5 =£26.50 a month

I’ve not looked into it much but apparnetly you can stream online for £2.99 a month.

Might be worth a look if you’ve an old PC that you can connect to your TV.