Sky News this morning... phoning at the wheel.

or foaming at the mouth in my case…

They need to execute a massive campagin in the new year to catch as many people as possible, because at the moment nobody fears being caught.

I would say almost everytime I ride or drive, I see someone driving and on the phone.


Jesus h christ, is it really that urgent that you tweet about the cute puppy you saw.

infowarrior pointed out something interesting on that article… I wonder if it sticks in the court of law.

“I wish people would wake up to this “SCAM”…All Fixed Penalty Notices, Parking Fines, Speeding Fines etc are ALL issued illegally, under the law they are all classified as “private contractual agreements” therefore being one party involved in the “contract” if you don’t agree with it it is not legally valid.Also as the law of this land states in Section 12 of the Bill Of Rights 1689 which as never been reppealled - “That all Grants and Promises of Fines and Forfeitures of particular persons (are you a ‘particular person’ and if you are not who is - what is the criteria that makes you a ‘particular person’ - maybe you should ask?) before Conviction are illegall and void”.Every Police force in the UK is registered as a private company and therefore they are not entitled issue fines at all.At least start by knowing your rights google “tpuc” or “lawful rebellion””

I can’t imagine it’s that simple or nobody with a half decent lawyer would ever pay a speeding fine.

I think you accept the speeding fine as an alternative to getting prosecuted and if you refuse to agree to the ‘contract’ you’ll go to court and if convicted, presumably you’ll get hit with harder penalties/bigger fines.

Lawful rebellion is about much more than avoiding a fine. It’s about telling “the system” that you no longer recognise its authority over you. It’s the equivalent of a US homestead seceding from the Union and declaring itself a state unto its own. The only difference is that if you push too hard over in the US, they send in the SWAT team all guns blazing, whereas if you push too hard in the UK they send you a politely worded letter.

It’s an interesting set of ideas to read about. But don’t go down that route if you’re just after avoiding a parking fine or the like, it needs real commitment :wink:


Gotta laugh, there’s a row brewing between bikers and cagers on the forum at the bottom of the article…

Aparrantly, us biker types are irrisponsible… oooo handbags!

“infowarrior” That’s not Kaos is it stirring it up :stuck_out_tongue:

well, what do you expect to hear/read from a bunch of retarded idiots imprisoned in cages. They can’t see the environment around them, be it both outside their vehicle cage, as well as outside their brain cage.

So stuff 'em. And if anyone want to act up on the road, put 'em down.