'skitch' plates

Anyone heard of skitching? It’s when you jump off the bike while you’re going along and skid your feet along the grond (like in the film Bikerboyz). I want to give it a go but don’t fancy mashing my boots up - anyone know of a place where I can get some plates?

had a quick look around for you…

all i could find on another forum was

"(Just make your own. Here’s what you’ll need:

6 pack of beer (cans)

Shoe strings (two)

Drink beer, fashion “shoes” out of cans and secure to feet with shoe strings.

Skitch away! )"

its cheap but i dont know how safe itll be

or u could have a look at B&Q and see what u could use to make it

Got a friend who’s into Skate Hitching (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skitching), he’s a demon (inline) skater!

i think they are called adidas goodyears :slight_smile:

Love that you are concerned about mashing up your boots … but not your bike or legs lol :smiley:

Fair play to you fella … good luck!


Grass trackers and speedway riders have left foot plates made to fit their boots. I’m sure the same companies would make pairs if asked.

Have a punt around on sites for those sports.

Can’t help with links 'cos I can’t be arsed.

Would of loved to try it, until i read the Wikipedia as i quote ‘More painful, but less rapid ways to die from skitching include being caught under a tire or being squished by another vehicle.’:w00t:

If you put ur name/details on the foot plates they can act as dog tags :smiley:

This is easier if you stop and put the side stand down first :D:D

these pics are a few years old now, ive never used skitch plates though, these pics where taken while pissing about with some old titanium knee sliders taped on, :smiley:




yea, thought about that, but thought they might get in the way of my feet on the pegs, although i spose i could cut them down!

jumping off is easy but then youve got to get back on :smiley:

so plan ahead :smiley:

i’ll phone an ambulance for you now mate! :slight_smile:

How about you just go to the local boot repairers and buy some nail in “Blakeys” (Sort of shaped studs/plates.)

Easy enough to fit yourself and cheap enough to throw away and change once you’ve come out of rehab. after the accident.