Skin-tight latext woman on Gixxer!

Ummm, oh my god. Could be our Foxy on her bike :slight_smile:




I think you will find thats actually me Jay :D;):P:hehe:

no to shabby that ay… :slight_smile:

Sexy as hell. Not sure I’d know how to get in though! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, wouldn’t mind a pillion on that!!! For sure!! :smiley:

Loads better than that bean head in the Dainese ad.

lol yeah but you cant see her face…could be 10 pinter with the lid off!

By the Power of Greyskull - your telling me you’d be looking at her face while riding pillion.

Well just keep it on then !

It’s got to be sweaty inside that. :blink:

LMAO!!! if the offer came up of a ride with a bird thats looks like that in latex …i dont think id be considering motorbikes!

Ever the practical one hey? :ermm:

its actually jay in his new track outfit

I want to help her get in that suit…and get out of it…can you imagine the fun…well I can…:smiley:

I didn’t know you had got a new bike :smiley:

Hahahahaha…uh…I mean, that’s not very nice. LOL

Seriously though, there is something about a well built female and a sportbike… drool

Blimey our kid gets everywhere

"Never Fart in a Wet Suit"

  • mind you that is what she looks like when she’s deflated and polished!

To much humous

I would like to ride either :slight_smile: