Six years for scooter rider attacker

Remember the attack on the rider who was dragged from his scooter in west Croydon during the riots?

The dick-brain responsible, Ryan Kichenside, 18, was given nearly six years yesterday for this and for “karate kicking” his way into a store.

According to the Standard, the rider suffered a broken ankle:

Kichenside’s sentence is the longest to date in connection with the riots.

Details on the Met website:

And here’s Kichenside’s picture, one of 66 people named and shamed by the Met:

YouTube video of the attack:

Absolute scum, but good news on that jail term.

Haha. That’ll learn em. He’ll have plenty of time to contemplate his behaviour in jail.

Wishful thinking, people like that rarely learn. It’ll only amplify their hate for authority…

what they really deserve is public punishment

Depends on the seriousness of the offence and if they have any prior convictions.

Given the sentence, the court must have had good reason to give a custodial sentence.

Good to know the courts are finally doing something positive in sentencing.

Glad he was put away! I remember everyone’s sentiment when the original thread with the footage was posted. I hope the other ones in the video are going behind bars too.

He only serves half the jail time though

good riddance to bad rubbish:)

Clever move by that kid, he’ll be treated like royalty by fellow inmates at the Feltham/Ritz, where he’ll spend the next three years doing arts and crafts, receiving free education and possibly of free access to university courses on day release (unlike most people his age).

Youth institutions are far too cosy, they’re pretty much just con-colleges. This guy will be out on the rob within seconds of his release.

They should put people like that into forced back-breaking labour, like digging up rubbish for scrap metal. Jobs which won’t undermine the current labour market but will see a slim profit over time.

I appreciate that people feel anger and resentment to young people who commit these types of crimes but at that age there is still hope. While it is possible that he and others like him will come out no better than before the bottom line is that an opportunity to develop new skills and open a few doors to a credible and worthwhile future may be what he needs to turn his life around. The tax payer has to pay for his jail time irrespective of how he uses it, but if successful then a life has been changed for the better, and future prison costs will be saved.