six weeks bored to death

got knocked off yesterday broken ankle few bruises (lucky only minor teach me to stop riding sensibly).nurse knocked me off (didn’t see me) doctor as witness a&e had good chuckle about it .what am i going to do its been 24 hours im bored to beautiful bike is now a lot shorter with redesigned fairing.what will be will careful every one at least ill have time to post.martin

Sorry to hear about your off mate.

Good to see the NHS job creation scheme is working :wink:

GWS fella

GWS mate

at least you had the best treatment at roadside

sad news martin

hope you will find something to do and don’t ge bored.

how was the accident? was it in London?


Very unlucky mate, i understand how bored you feel as i`ve been there.

Welcome to the world of Phil and Fern;)

oh sorry to hear about your off, hope your ok, spend plenty of time chillin and reading mcn!!:slight_smile:

Or get a playstation3 and get the new motogp racing game that way you can relive all the fun of riding a bike :smiley:

Sorry to hear of your off, hope you get well soon!
Just think of all that daytime TV you can watch now…ooooh, yeah, Bargain Hunt, and GMTV…

thanks for the support i def wont become jeremy karl fan .thanks for the link chunkeymonkey cool link.that will keep me sane

yes total bummer what clothing were you wearing…and how did you break your ankle if you dont mind me enquiring…pm me if you dont want to go into the detail here

had all the right gear on for once normally i wear jeans thank goodness i didnt that day .it was just the weight of the bike coming down on my ankle i think ,my leg was trapped under the bike them old vfrs arent light.apart from bruises theres no other damage im now a convert always wear the proper gear .i will not go out in jeans again id have no knee or thigh if i had.if you mean brands frank thomas trousers and jacket, akito boots caberg lid.

Was she a looker?:kiss:

nah she was a minger, woke up late so thought she would apply make up on way to work :laugh:

So the sheer weight off the bike falling on your boots and ankle broke your ankle…no twisting or rotating element to the injury…


been there this year too, (broken shoulder blade)

daytime TV sucks