Simpson Helmets

Are the helmets any good for bikes? someone told me they for cars etc. and have a huge amount of windnoise on bikes…

can anyone give some more info thanks!

I’ve got the Simpson Outlaw

I think its pretty good. Had it for 3 years, little wind noise. They are generally made for cars but a few are taylored for bikes. They even have a british standard approved lid. But then this lid is about style and look rather than all modern comforts IMO, saying that its very comfortable. :smiley:

What one are you thinking of?

I saw several people wearing them at Brightona, but as fa as I am aware, none of them can be legally sold for road use in the EU as they don’t meet the test for the UN ECE 22.05 mark of approval, probably due to restricted vision (that is the usual reason race helmets fail).

However, my understanding is that it is not illegal to ride using such a helmet, just illegal to sell it.

what about craft helmets , some styles have a very similar shape
thats what ive got :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, thats the reason, the slot is ‘too’ narrow. Yeah right, but they do actually have an EU approved one - but its butt ugly!

ANd fishy, those craft ones are ok, but they’re not Simpsons? The original and best.:smiley:

well mines better than them because its got cool airbrush designs on it anyway :slight_smile:
but i have to find a cheap new lid at some point , as i dunno how many crashes mine can take :stuck_out_tongue:

i have a simpson bandit and it kluckin noisey and side view not too good only wear it occasionaly but what the heck it looks one bad ass lid.unfortunately it doesn’t go down too well with the feds though…

im thinking of investing in one, not sure which one yet cuz theyre all badass. just make sure its in black :slight_smile:

Simpson lids should come with a free t-shirt that reads “I am the Stig”! :wink:

I am the Stig T-Shirts are available from a shop in The Strand.

Further to this…

Does anyone know of any shops in Kent that sell Simpson Helmets ???

metal horse m/c

station road,

sidcup kent da15 7dh. 0208 300 3003

Nice one mad dog, thats only about 10 mins from me and I shall visit tomorrow.

no probs bud :slight_smile: let me know what you think between the bandit & super banbit lids

was thinking of getting one next year.


Just spoke to Metal Horse…They apparently dont sell Simpson’s anymore. They specialize in Cabergs Yuk! :frowning:

Any other ideas ??

Had a look at the bandit and super bandit on their website. Gotta say the only difference really are some vents down the bottom. For an extra £50 its not worth it. So Im gonna go for the Bandit personally although now the question stands…What colour ??? :unsure:

lamba motorcycles

118-132 high street

cashalton, surrey sm5 3ae

0208 647 4851


gpr motorsport equipment

power road, chiswick london

w4 5py

0208 987 9999