Silverstone question

Hi guys

Which is the favourite circuit - GP or National?

GP it’s longer

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I’ve just booked on for an R1M Masterclass at Silverstone. Had the choice of either GP or International. I chose International because it’s my first time on track, so wanted an easier amount of corners. Figured I’d go round that loop twice as many times as GP thus learning it quicker. It was also £100 cheaper.

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Oh nice, what’s the link for that Masterclass?

Your reasoning is sound, better to focus on a smaller number of corners for a tuition scenario. GP is proper mental though but you’ll enjoy it more when your skills are sharper and you have some experience of track riding.


Scroll down and select “Yamaha R1M Masterclass” on the left (sadly no direct link to that):

Can’t wait! :grin:

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Are you doing the September date?

Yep, exactly. Thinking of getting involved? :eyes: