Silverstone BSB Easter Weekend

Considering making a last minute decision to attend BSB at silverstone this weekend granted the weather is good. Has anyone gone to silverstone on the bike before if so what are the logistics like ? The site info says free parking but I am I correct in guessing it isnt very secure so you need to take your chains with you. Also granted that there are 100s attending there wouldn’t be any were to leave your kit so you have to walk around in leathers all day ?

Yup free parking and not secure though depending on your bike there’s always better ones less secured than mine.
I’d definitely not where full leathers and take some normal shoes to wear. Silverstone is a big place to wonder around.

Also sightlines are poor unless you get on a barrier or in a grandstand.

On this note. For the Sunday how early is it recommended to be there?

Thanks decided to come today, it’s only practice but at least I don’t pay much and I am able to get the lay of the land for future events

There’s usually a riders for health bus which will store your kit for a small fee

In front of or to the right of the grandstand at Luffields is stepped standing/seating concreted area which has good views