Silverstone 30th July **book now!**

The prices have changed for this event as per the email I recieved this morning.

Late May - Focus
BIG NEWS - Once again Focused Events is leading the way in the industry … will others follow?
Focused Events are very proud to announce the launch of our
Focused Events Circuit Saver
It is obvious to everyone that Focused Events are the number one in the industry. As we grow stronger it gives us the opportunity to be innovative and offer you the customer further opportunities to save money.
So on selected events we have brought in a booking system that is similar to some airlines - in that we reward customers for booking earlier - and the savings are significant!
New ideas always generate questions, so here are some answers.

Q: Have you booked onto these chosen events already?
A: Yes, then we will guarantee you the same lowest booking price on your next event at that circuit.
Q: The price of these events changes - how does it work?
A: The price slowly increases as more people book on - the incentive is to reward people that book early.
Q: I’m a GP member, will I get my discount on top?
A: “Circuit Saver” events are already cheap - as I’m sure you understand. However the event will still count as a signature on your GP card and of course your GP card discount still applies on our normal events.
Q: How will I know if the event I’m looking at is a “Circuit Saver” event?
A: On our website the event will have a “special event” spinning symbol next to it: , plus it will be featured in the title. In our MCN advert it will also be nice and clear.
As you read this the events for the “Circuit Saver” we have chosen to start with, in the height of summer, are this price right now:
Mallory 13th June - £69
Cadwell Park 19th June - £59
Snetterton 23rd June - £59
Silverstone GP 30th July - £95
How good is that?! If I was you I would click the link below and book now.

Yeap just booked this one now, move quick guys!

Booked, only 4 places left.

I booked and now 20 places left ?:w00t:

looks like i’m gonna be out of the country on this date now :crying:

its sooooo cheap!

I saw it ‘magically’ jump to 20 a few mins after I posted up 4 . . . the dishonest batsrads :w00t:

I wish this wasn’t a few days before my exams. What a deal! Shame you can’t make it either Ben.

I expect when those 20 have gone the next 20 will be released to a higher price. Already gone up to £106 in the space of one evening.

ah man, was looking forward to seeing that R1 in the fast group…


It seems to up the price every place booked…

Book it now people until it reaches the regular amount !

some of the other events are amazing value for money, Cadwell/Snetterton in June for £65. I’d have had them too but unfortunately can’t book any more time off work for the next couple of months.

just booked 2 places at £105…

there was only 15 places left

thats me done, +2 more potential new LB’ers.

I’m booked too for £106 :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting ya’ll !!

hmm wondering if the question about experience was the one about the group you want to be in :slight_smile:
if yes who else in inters ?:smiley: