Silverstone 25/04/2011 gp circuit bank holiday Monday

What a mental day i had yesterday.Started 1st session in begginers, was riding really well (for me) , moved up for next session to inters only to be stopped just before getting on the track for breaking the 100db limit.

Fair play to focused, they let me go to the garage and fit a db killer, but i had the worlds slowest mechanic and missed my session:angry:

Had to wait for the THIRD session to get back on track, then only had 6 mins track time before a red flag brought us back in. This is the vid link

Then after a few mins waiting for them to clear the track, we were let back out and THIS happened:Whistling:

Just a nice reminder of how quick you loose the heat in the tyres:hehe:


Much damage? you ok?

Shame you lost it.

I,m fine. nothing at all apart from a shredded hoodie and a few scrapes on my leathers:)

I was UNBELIEVABLY lucky with the bike… Badly scratched can, (i have two more in the garage;)) a bent brake pedal, and scratched right side fairing. Thats all…!!! If EVER there was an advert for crash bungs, this is it:P

Will post some pics when i get a chance.

shit Tolga! Glad you are OK yourself though.

100 DB seems very low, was it a special quiet day? Weather looks amazing too.

Weather was great chris, 100db day cos it was a bank holiday.
The fact that I like the bike to SCREAM down the pit straight didn’t help my cause either!!!
Got three more sessions after my slide but just didn’t have the confidence in my tyres. Time for some decent rubber and tyre warmers I think!:slight_smile:

Oh la la, that looks painful. Glad all is OK and you guys got home!

Good to have met with you - hope to catch up again at the next one!