Silverstone 25/04/2011 gp circuit bank holiday Monday

Weather is looking good for this one. Just spoke to them. Space in all three groups but filling fast as the weather is looking ok. I’m thinking of booking this, anyone else doing/tempted???:slight_smile:

Some guys from my local Milton Keynes crew are going in inters, doubt ill get a day pass from the misses so I will be popping up to chat / watch them for a couple of hours, so ill be there. Bit pissed cause it will be a lovely day just right for a track day

From what I saw at the last Silverstone GP bank holiday day, it’s ridiculously busy and all the wannabes come out for their one track day a year, book in inters then crash. We got a total of about 3 full sessions worth of time in the whole day.

I’ll be booked into novices as it’s only my second full td.
Will good to see some friendly faces tho!

Cool, i remember you from the last TD, so ill look out for you. PM me your mobile and ill txt when i come up.

Not really posted much on here - but I’m going:) I’ll be riding there on a GSXR600K7 blue and white in the novice. Should be great weather! Hope to see a few of you there!

K7 blue and White??? Mmmmmm nice:D
Also in the novice group. Pm sent:cool:

if only I wasn’t stripping the 'Bird down 4 new fairing n respray would have done this again was a blast last time

I dont post very often here but I’m booked in the inters group, on a ducati 1098, and I’ll be riding up in the morning

Yeah, I didn’t want to blend in with everyone else - you can imagine my surprise :smiley:

Will be on track with my brother. My wife is also driving up to watch - and hopefully bring some pasty’s;)

Ok there seems to be a few LBrs going now. Can only be a good thing!
What part of town are you coming from?

Hornet boy!!! Pastys??? Ok, I want to be in your gang;)

hampstead heat, btw the organizer didnt send me the second mail, at what time is the briefing?

Im booked onto this in the fast group, Zee Pony is also coming!:smiley:

rennyboy (22/04/2011)

hampstead heat, btw the organizer didnt send me the second mail, at what time is the briefing?[/quote
I didnt get the second email the last td I booked with focused. Just gave them a quick call to be sure and all was good.
Think the briefing is at about 8ish but best to be there early;)

Ok feel better now the “big boys” are coming out to play(lol:P)
I’ll look out for your van mate:)

Yeah, they didn’t send me the second email either. Their site says typical day is 7.30 sign on, 8.30 briefing, then on track for 9am. Typically, its three groups, with 20 minutes on track. I think fast group goes first, and the novice groups gets a few minutes extra to answer any questions etc.

Also, I don’t think there is noise testing before we go out, as the check is done in pit lane.

hey guys, im aiming for about 7.30am, i will be in a yellow Renalt traffic van. I will most likely be there for 7am.

Focused are my favourite organiser, the run slow group first, then inters then fast.

Weathers looking good, see you guys tomorrow.

Woohoo - had mahousive brake issues with a weeping nipple which kicked off at 4pm this afternoon, wizzed off to find a suitable shop open to pick up some PTFE tape or something suitable, spent the rest of the day at and I think its done as of 8pm. Relieved and excited, trying to calm down, hope to get some sleep :smiley:

Hope to meet a few of you there!

Yeah right. What time did you rock up at the last Silverstone day? 8? :wink: