Silverstone 2024

Having not really followed the last 3-4 seasons of MotoGP, I think I have quite a bit of catching up to do. Things have definitely changed since I last watched! 4/5 in top five are Ducatis and only one Jap bike in Top 10… :open_mouth:

Brother has been kind enough to buy some tickets for the whole Silverstone weekend as a birthday present and we’ll be heading there in August… :slight_smile:

I have no idea where we will be sitting but we’ll be going in car from my brother’s place in the Cotswolds.

It will actually be my first motorbike track race I’ve ever been to. Other than the IoM, I’ve only watched motorbike racing from the comfort of my sofa…

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You’ll love it.

Happy Birthday when it comes around

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It’s awesome, you’ll love it for sure. We might see you there.
Last time we hired an RV and stayed there the weekend. Would probably do the same again.

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Yeah I’m not sure close quarters with my brother would work for a whole weekend… :laughing:

He’s about 1.5hrs away so we may just end up schlepping up and down daily.

My Advice would be if you wanted a reasonably quick escape after the race. Try and park in the bottom field, it is all one way, so you have to go up around and back down, so if you’re at the top you get stuck waiting to let all the traffic below to clear out!

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Good tip, will put it into planning :slight_smile:

Take an FM radio and some eaphones with decent isolation if you want to follow the race at all; the commentary is broadcast on FM, and the data for streaming anything is incredibly patchy

The grandstands are a free for all on every day except Sunday, when they’re only accessible with grandstand tickets. If you’ve not got grandstand tickets, bring chairs on the Sunday.

(I’d say it’s well worth getting grandstand tickets, though I don’t remember how much extra that’d cost. It gets you a roof if it rains or is really sunny, and mostly a decent view of a big screen showing the current telly feed.

Thanks @BigRedS. Good tip on the FM radio.

I’m pretty sure knowing my brother we have grandstand seats… He’s been to a few F1 races and I think always went for the option with seating / rain cover.

So I guess though if I have good view of telly feed, I wouldn’t need the FM radio as I could follow race there.

My current thinking is to spend all day Friday familiarising with layout, seeing some of the practice and knowing where to go on days 2 and 3 :slight_smile: