Silverstone, 17th April, Bank holiday Monday

Just booked with Focused events for silverstone on bank holiday monday. £155. Anyone else from here going? Gonna be on my own for most of the day! Will try and get some L.B stickers on the bike for recognition.


Interested! Stickers are a sure-fired way to be recognised…

I wont be instructing at this one but will be at Brands on the 6th April. Focused are running so many trackdays this year and ill be doing a selected amount that i`ve chosen.
Keep it shiny side up, have fun

places are going fast as its a bank holiday. Get in quick!

i’ll be on this baby…See you there.



aaah I saw you there…didn’t know who you were though (if you know what i mean ) The other half was there and binned his bike on the 2nd session on the fast group (doh)

did you have a good day?

had a brilliant day. Managed to keep it shiny side up which was good!! What bike and group where you on/in? Sorry to hear bout your other half . What bike was he on?