Silverstone 14th Sunday

Hi All!

Anyone going to Silverstone on the 14th Sunday? :smiley:

£99 Arena GP Track (Focus Events) Bargin! :wink:

hiya! i am thinking about it but weather’s looking a little sketchy. however it might be the last opportunity.

u going for sure? i’m only new to tracks, been to silverstone once before, so i wouldn’t mind having someone to chat to if i go :slight_smile:

i’m on this one. and ‘llcoolj’ is also booked on. gonna be in garage 6c so maybe see you there.

I’ll looking to book it tomorrow with Rixxy. (I’ve got a blue R6 track bike and black van, so can and say hi)

coolio mate. me and llcoolj will be in paddock 6c.
i’ll be on a dark r6 track bike and llcoolj will have a green ninja trackbike.

what group you guys booking in? we’re both in fast.

More the merrier! :smiley:
C’mon over and say hi, i got the brew jus bring a spare mug!:wink:

im waiting to get a place, ryan has managed to get one! Weather looks pretty iffy!!! But i just booked snetterton for Saturday!!!

rixxy - have you now got a place for sunday? been on the TDR forum and I believe R6_AFC may have managed to secure another one.

yeah just spoke to him and hes trying to sort it all out! fingers crossed!

Now im doing 2 in 2 days, the missis is tutting!;):wink:

wohoo, its all done, both guys are confirming in the morning, James you better get an early night tomorrow!!..

We’re in fast and inters…for now anyway!

Coolio. Me and llcoolj will also be in fast along with a few others. We’ll definitely be in garage 6c (plan on getting there early in case wheel need to be changed) so will keep an eye out for you.

im pretty cool with fast, it will be my 3rd time on that track so i know the layout well. But i will drop down to inters if there is some space as i do enjoy overtaking people and dont want to be the slowest in the fast group!:stuck_out_tongue:

Have a good day out all! Am making the most of the hopeful sunshine on the Sat up at snetterton now.

Looking forward to meeting some of you next season as I think Sat will be the last for 2010 :frowning:

you joking about this…aren’t you?
I would have thought this is what TDO aim to not have hence riders going into groups there suited with?
i don’t really think it matters whether you are the slowest or the fastest…that’s what racing’s for.

have a good one on Sat. Weather looks to be holding out for both days but you can never really rely on it! lol.

What i mean to say is its not fun getting hammered all day in the fast group, im more used to inters and t suits my pace better!

Of course it matters, your not going to stick a novice in fast, the overtaking for a start would give them a small heart attack!

Yeah definitely makes sense to move groups if you’re getting hammered. However I would have thought that would be more a safety issue first rather then because ‘its not fun’.

I guess as between yourself and R6_AFC you have a inters and fast place you could always just swap which groups you both go into.

When I said whether it matters. I was just refering to the comment about ‘being slowest in the fast group’ which came across like ‘if im not winning, im not playing’. from your second response I will assume that is not how it was supposed to come across.

Anyhow, I take it today was great (was out between Durham and Northampton and the weather was sunny an dry)?
See you both tomorrow!

For those that went…how did your day go?

me, well twas my first time on full wets and after the off at Brands a couple of weeks ago (in the rain) I played it safe and was gentle on the power/corners etc from the off. After the first session was chuffed to have not fallen off!
As the day progressed got more confident in the wet tyres and how they move about a lot more however gonna try and get in as many more wet TD’s as possible to more practise in.
During lunch I had the suspension set up (was initially set up by B just over a year ago when the bike was in road trim), and i feel it did help. had wet settings in and got told what, and by how much, to adjust myself should i find myself on a dry day. first session with these settings i again played it safe and tried to get to grips with how it now felt and i feel it was a bit better in getting more from the tyre.
last 2 sessions were enjoyable but still feel a lot more time is needed on wet tyres.

all in all a good day. nice to get time on the wets and stay upright! didn’t manage to see rixxy or R6_AFC. was so many riders there I wasn’t surprised tbh.

looking forward now to another wet day!

Hey Mate,

when i got there it was ***** down, i went out on normal tyres hoping it would dry like it did saturday but it was clear it was not going to. We then came in and set about changing my tyres, the thread in my front calipers broke (it has a specfic name i cannot remeber) so i had to fashion a bolt and nut! Not the best!

We then went about sorting the back tyres and of course we forgot a spacer in the rush so had to sort it out again( i blame R6_AFC hes studying to be a mechanic):P:P:P:P!! Then i went out but it was very slippy and so i decided at lunch to all to call it a day as i was very tired and getting a bit dopey!!

SO i headed home!

Think im gunna hang up the wheels for a couple of months! I hate the rain, esp after a a long da the day before!!