Silver CB600 Plumstead

Not very clever nailing it past a line of cars outside the police station. Speed limit is 30 for a reason, used to be 20 in the not long distant past. School is right here, loads of pedestrians. And your ART Cans are nice, but you will draw attention to yourself with that style of riding more than the noise of your bike.

Slow down a tad, life is not a rush or a race. You were topping 50 or more down the road, just not clever.

…and here endeth the gospel according to… :hehe:

Not quite gospel mate, but I live in the local area, we’ve had a couple of death recently, both PTW at fault. No need to encourage local police to clamp down harder on PTW’s. I enjoy riding as much as any other rider, no chicken strips on my bike and I can give most a good run for their money, but in an appropriate place. Past a school and heavy pedestrian area is just not on. F*cking stupid if you ask me.