Silly positioning of zebra crossing...

Maybe someone can enlighten me about this:

as you come down Aldersgate and hit the Barbican roundabout and turn left onto london wall there is a zebra crossing on the exit and I mean right on the exit. Now I always found this a bit of a stupid place as you are leaving a roundabout and last thing you expect is a zebra crossing or alternatively you have to stop whilst on the roundabout and get smashed from behind. This morning I saw a ped. almost get killed as a car was leaving and got cut up by another car and did not expect to see a ped in front of them.

Now I might be missing something here but could someone explain the location of this crossing as I think its dangerous and stupid. Especially on a bike as you are leaning left to exit and then have to hit brakes and stand the bike up.

ps theres also one like this in Brent Cross

i go past it every single day - most stupid place to put one. pedestrians need to be really careful on it.

Talking of dumbass decisions, if anyone has seen the new layout at Acton Town station…idiotic.

There are lots of them around, I could never understand either especially as you should be shoulder checking and life saving gotta have eyes everywhere.

I can literally see the zebra crossing in question from my desk … and yes it is a bit of a silly place (as are all zebra crossings on roundabouts) … but I don’t think it’s as bad as some (but I’m not looking to pick a fight!)


If you are coming down Aldersgate … London Wall is the first exit … so you aren’t really going “around” the roundabout … the road is wide and straight and quite long so really you shouldn’t be leaning/tipping it over … or at least … I’m not tipping it over there … but maybe I’m doing it wrong :slight_smile:

EDIT: I do try to make a point of exiting in the right hand lane though so I can see whether people are about to step out onto the zebra

The manhole cover right in the middle of the zebra has caught me out more than once in the rain though when visability isn’t as good as it could be … aimed for a bit between painted lines … forgot about the manhole cover that is hidden under surface water … skimmed then edge … sh*t myself :smiley:

There is a right bugger on a roundabout in Stoke Newington - CLICKY - travelling down Stoke Newington Church Street turning left into Albion Street - enter the roundabout and start to turn off - couldn’t see that there was someone just about to step onto the zebra … slam on the brakes … another brown trouser moment :slight_smile:

this one is so bad I am thinking of writing the council to get an explaination.

I expect the answer you’ll get is to do with schools visiting the museum need somewhere to cross to get back onto their coaches which park 50 meters further down the road from the crossing - just before the entrance to the car park?

I have a couple of these in the area i work. I too, think they are the most stupid place to put them, very dangerous, and your asking to be hit up the chuff, if you dare stop for a pedestrian.

The only thing i would add, is you should do a roundabout at a speed where you can always stop, in case someone pulls out on you etc… So i guess the thinking was, you can stop for the crossing. Problem is, its not you is it? Its the tailgater behind you…

Yep. I actually thought putting a mini roundabout in would help, but they’ve properly screwed Bollo lane now. Came past at about 8.30 this morning and it was gridlock.

I have no problem with the crossing but think it should be further down the road rather than right on top of the exit!

Having spent a fair few years of working in a local authority as a building professional, I’ve come into contact with “highways engineers” more than a few times.

Some of these guys are very good, but the rank and file are often just dum, as in not bright, blinkered and conservative. Common sense and original thought are pretty alien ideas to them.

If some DoT manual says a crossing is needed all thoughts of sight lines will be parked up and they’ll just put one in, logical or not. If it results in accidents, they’ll probably just put in that cure-all, a CCTV camera.

Well, you’ve just spent about £14-17,000 putting in the crossing. You’re not going to admit you’ve cocked up, are you?

Its unbelievable, take away all the pedestrian lights, install a mini roundabout and a new zebra crossing with a central island et voila an accident waiting to happen , also makes it tight for any lorries getting out or into Bollo Lane, a car almost hit me from the left this evening as i was turning right out of Bollo Lane, there was nothing wrong with the layout before, two lanes at the top, three sets or lights and a zebra crossing. :angry:

I had taken to using that way as a quicker/safer way to Chiswick rather than going down the Uxbridge Road to Acton, I may have to reconsider!