silly drunk birds

amusing moment on sat night - waiting at junction of side road onto regents at kick out time for most clubs. Have the dustbin truck behind me and people are crossing. up stagger a couple of girls, their guys were ahead talking.

she looks at me on the bike, goes ‘grrrr’ and makes like the alan partridge ‘you’re a tiger’ look and claws at me.

couldn’t resist, seemed only fair to gave her a bellow of termi’s finest…

…she only went and fell over with the shock!

i was crying with laughter. turned round and the guys in the dust cart were in a similar state of pant wetting. bystanders were in fits as her friend picked her off the floor


next you’ll be sayin you never even tried to look up her skirt once when she fell over ha ha

somethin about girls and bike’s, they love em

hehehe, nice one! I’ve seen this sort of stuff before

I was once waiting at the traffic lights in Picadilly Circus and one chick just sat behind me on the bike and wanted me to take her for a ride…I was shocked!

And her guide dog? Where was that?

oh i like it that made me laugh haha

"And her guide dog? Where was that? [Big Grin] "
C0cking its leg on your shiny new Akrapovic ? She realised a diversion was needed . . . .

I told you that chicks like pinkish bikes!!!

Do they do Daytonas in pink?