silly B-King :/

destroyed my tyres in 2000miles :confused:
ho hum. seems tyre stops are as regular as fuel stops :smiley:

It’s got a Busa engine fella, what do you expect?! Other than that, you enjoying it? At least it doesn’t require tyre stops as often as you need pee stops…

It’s kind of cool that you’ve done 2000 miles since it stopped snowing :slight_smile:

I’ve done less than half of that since you got the king…


i’d be bankrupted in no time!

oh well, from now on every time someone wants to give you a present, you’ll know what to ask for :smiley:

2000 aint bad , think yerself lucky you have a 4 and not a twin . Superduke rear tyres tend to last me less than 1000 miles

Nice, good lad :wink:

How are the chain and sprockets looking? I imagine the cush drive is taking quite a pounding :smiley:

does it eat chains too?:smiley: my SV1 did if i banged through the gears…which is unavoidable at times :slight_smile:

done 1000 miles in the last week. most motorway lots of full throttle launches when i can. :stuck_out_tongue:
dunlop sportmax. gonna fit pr3 next :smiley:

PR3s rock, you could get 3000 miles with care.

Stop riding like a tosser.:wink:

Thought you broke it lol

+1 for the Michelin PR3’s

Not sure about the tosser bit…:ermm:

Love to have an extended loan of a B-King… might cure me of my twin/triple addiction…er

ern…any offers ? :Whistling:

Definitely try the PR 3s, I have got them on the big Zed, done 4k and barely show signs of wear:D

yea. i love pr3. will fit them next :slight_smile:

It would eat chains but my chain looking after method is seriously anal and this seems to give me longer than would be expected out a chain and sprockets . Even when they are worn out they look like they were fitted yesterday they are kept so clean and fresh :slight_smile:

MIght let u have a short bimble on it.
181.04 HP (132.1 kW)) @ 9500 RPM
146.00 Nm (14.9 kgf-m or 107.7 ft.lbs) @ 7200 RPM
More torque than most twins. 85ft torque from 2k revs too :smiley:
Hence why the corded belt is almost showing through :w00t:
Must say though. Saw 172mph on the speedo (private roads) Scary! ands still wanted more :smiley:

So in other words is like you got yourself Anaconda and then you complains that your guinea pig gone missing :wink:

Let me know how long PR3 going to last :slight_smile:


Fair point well made.:smiley:

this is a well behaved Anaconda. i just poke it with a stick! :smiley:

Put a 10 years old rock hard rear tyre on and problem solve :cool:

Don’t get me wrong, but you may need a bigger stick :smiley: