Signin in

Ok, I`ll try to explain it clearly

When you open LB homepage you can log in in right top corner, but even if you do it, as soon as you go to FORUMS it logs you out automatically. ANd then you have to Click on SIGN-IN just to be transferred again to the same LB homepage, but then it always works ok after second time.

So now I always type the then click forums, then sign-in, then I`m being transferred back to and then I have to click forums again.

Quite annoying and pointless. Èspecially when I log in everyday on a different computer.

ANd also show recent posts doesn`t work. Even if I click it as a first thing, it says NO NEW POSTS, probably it countsclicking on FORUMS TAB as a last visit. Another annoying bit…

Now, i am no computer wiz, I have had that annyoing problem before, but according to a mate who has a lot more knowledge than me its to do with cookies. can’t remember if u have to set your internet brousers to accept cookies of your choice or not, enable or disapble them who knows but that is as far as i understand the source of the problem, no matter how many time it was explained to me, it went in one ear and out the other before i could make any sense of it

It’s a Gremlin in the system, Rottie. For most people this isn’t an issue, though for a very small number it appears to be the case. We’re still looking into it, but it’s an illusive prob lem, we can’t recreate it here!

BTW, the site is always viewed via, no www. The site will direct you to the simple address if you come in via the www. This is done as we like it simple, and it’s less cookie hassles.

Sorry you have to experience this Rottie!

Oh come on, it´s worth it anyway.

So what´s the difference between websites starting with only http:// and these with http://www ?

Nothing. There’s no real need for the www prefix. It’s just that in the time before the web really took off, this was the way sysadmins thought it would be cool to differentiate their webservers from their other servers that worked over the http protocol.

Of course nowadays it’s only really webservers that work over http, so it’s not required. Most websites are configured to run on www. only, and often forget, or aren’t aware that their site should also work without it.

Names before the domain name, i.e. or are what we call sub-domains. They allow for different sites or folders to be setup on the webserver, but running under the same domain.

I believe we’re coming out of it now, but for a long time, say during and since the dot-com bubble in 2000, non-techy web users assumed the www. was required, and hence why it featured in most adverts for websites, but nowadays you see adverts with simple domains, like or

In the future we’ll (LB) do away with the redirect to remove the www, as this shouldnt’ be necessary. I don’t like quick-fixes.