sign 'free parking for motorcycles in London' petition b4 18 July

Westminster Council and the borough of Kensington and Chelsea want to start charging motorcycles for parking in London.

This is an outrage!!! Nowhere else in Europe are motorcyclists charged for parking in cities.

Please sign this petition and support free parking for motorcycles in London.

You will get an email back and have to click the link inside the email from Nr10 to confirm that you have signed the petition!

Please tell all cyclists and motorbike/scooter riders and friends!

The last day to sign the petition is 18 July!!!

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“Nowhere else in Europe are motorcyclists charged for parking in cities.” -> apart from Canary-bloody-Wharf :angry:

Sorry - not my favourite subject at the moment as my work is moving back there!

… signed, by the way!

Do these petitions make any difference at all?

The relevant Government Officials in the Dept of Transport (not the Westminster ones) have to respond to it.

Signed :cool:


signed up :slight_smile:

Signed… for what it’s worth…

none probably but signed anyway.

As far as Kensington & Chelsea go. They have put M/C resident permit holder bays in with ground anchors. The permit costs £30 a year. You can get a £15 discount if you have some form of advanced training - like Bikesafe. A combined permit which allows you to park in any resident parking space and the M/C permit bays costs £80. (my car costs £112)

There are still the free bays (at the moment) but obviously they get full up with riders from out of the borough. Even though the council has increased the number and size of some of the free bays. My main complaint is with the Pizza delivery scooters who clog up the free bays during the day. Leaving no space for non commerical riders.