sidi supermoto boots

just seen these & want to get them :smiley:

if anyone has used these let me know

Proper Storm-Trooper boots!

Great boots, they are heavy and take a lot of getting used to. They do squeek like a mouse on steroids though.

cheap on ebay atm… i had my boots converted, much better imho.

Keith (Husky_Dealer) on VD is selling them for £125, bargain if you ask me. That’s where I got mine.

Cool, thats what I could use. Whats the do on getting these fitted? My AP’s are wearing fast!

Sidi’s, I thank are much better boots IMO.

i sent my boots to germany to have them converted, they remove the original sole and fit the one in the pics, then you just replace the sliders, not cheap, but i use my foot alot and 1) cant ride without some sort of slider on my foot as it “grabs” the ground to much and 2) wreck a pair of boots in 2 months without them!!! so for me its a huge benefit…

Do y’all have a linky to the firm in Germany? :smiley: