Sidi Evo Rain Boots

Hi All

I’ve got a question I want to check before I return these boots.

Riding in this morning in the heaviest rain yet I noticed that when I got to work I had a small damp patch on the left toe of my sock. So it looks like there is a minor leak in the boots. I’ve had them for about 2 months and wanted to know if most boots ‘waterproof’ let a little in heavy rain or whether these are duds?


My Alpinestar goretex boots have never let any rain in and I’ve owned them for about three years. Which reminds me they do need a bit of a clean - looking pretty filthy atm.

Are these Sidi’s goretex, I know some of the models are?

My Sidi Black Rain also leaked in the same place, took them back and Sidi gave the shop a refund which I put towards a pair of their Goretex boots which are properly waterproof but cold. The Black Rain is supposed to be waterproof so they shoud be happy enough to replace/exchange.


Thanks - they are not goretex butsomething called Lorica. Having looked it looks like it’s where the stitching is that’s letting in water.

I’ll send them back which is a shame as I really liked them.

Steve - the goretex ones are they the Vertigo’s? How cold are they - I ride every day right through the winter so need something good in cold weather too?

I got a pair of the B2 Gore, OK had them for less than a week but they seem plenty warm enough to me.



They look good! I’ll call the shop later and see if they’ve got those or similar.


Puma do a nice gortex boot too

i like the look of sidi boots but i would nether buy another pair

how much were the B2 ones ? Im guessing they are the winter boot ?

I reckon they will be good year round, wore them on Saturday when it was quite warm and my feet were fine, not to hot. Wore them today in the pissing rain and my feet were warm and dry, so so far they seem to be a good all round solution.

Got them for £179.99, could have got them cheaper but a mate owns the clubpromoto franchise in Tonbridge and I like to take my business there when I can to support him.

Got the same : Sidi B2 and been wearing them all year round - peaty much everyday.

They have let one/two patched of dampness on toe (on two occasions) but only after really heavy rain.

they are fine for summer not too hot - and they are fine to walk around in them.

only now just started to have ‘some’ smell - need to try and get rid of before it gets too bad.

I am quite pleased with them so not quite sure why davedebbie says he wouldnt buy another pair?

Thanks all,

Bit worried that the B2 let in some water but it sounds an ideal all-rounder, might have a look at Puma/Astars as well.


on my second pair of sidi black rains and theve never leaked ever.

ride all year round doing the daily commute , each pair lasted 3 years

great boot, you must of had a dud pair

My Sidi Black Rain boots leak if I don’t treat them to a bit of NikWax every so often.

Available from any camping/outdoor shop, this stuff can even be used on Goretex lined boots.

No leather is totally waterproof - it’s the lining (e.g. Goretex) or treatment (e.g. wax) which make it waterproof. This stuff is less than £5, takes 2-3 minutes to apply and lasts months.

A lot easier than pi55ing about returning boots to shops and a lot cheaper than Goretex, yet still maintains leather comfort and breatherability (is that a word?) IMO.

Thanks all - sent them back to chasesuperbikes - they couldn’t do enough to help and have the replacements on their way.

If these start to leak I’ll try the treatment but to be honest if I’m paying £140 odd for boots I’d expect them not to leak.

Thanks all for your help.

ooh have you got a set now knockers? i can vouch for the puma brutale gtx gore-tex, they are brilliant, warm, comfy and dry.:slight_smile: