Sidi Boots - Size ???

Hi guys just passed my DAS few weeks ago and got myself a K6 GSXR, absolutely loving it!!!

Hoping someone can help me out here, I’ve been looking at SIDI boots and as there is no local shop near me with gear I cant try the sizes on.

Ive been told that sidi has a narrower fit than alpinestars, I know with alpinestars im a 9.5 and with normal trainers im a 9.

Anyone have any ideas on what size I would be in SIDI boots?


You can’t possibly guess like this. You must try some on.

Maybe worth waiting for the NEC show?

Or speak to Afro, he works at Heine Gericke - or that place next to Southern Cross Motorcycles - they have some cheap ‘end of line’ stuff. Only telling you this one, as you’ve got girl’s sized feet, and won’t buy the one’s I’m after.


I would still try a pair on but my Sidi’s are the same size as my adidas trainers.

Sidi boots I find are usually 1 size up.

I’m only 8.5 uk size but had to go one size up for Sidi B2 Goretex boots.

Great boots.