Sid Moram Limited any one been there?

Thinking of buying a bike from them, anyone used them before?

They’ve been established in Slough for years, never heard a bad word about service/sales

pete webb (the owner is alright-ask for him!).
nice friendly bunch of peeps.


I’ve had a few Blades off Pete, top bloke and nice all round guy…after sales is good as well.

I’ve not had a complaint in the years i’ve been using them.

I use them for bits, but never bought a bike from there. (one day :satisfied: )As the others have said, Pete is a decent bloke and the workshop staff are helpful.

Well, I use to work there so :stuck_out_tongue:

And having first hand experience of what that place is like, I would advice you to go else where.

Many a time I have had calls from customers asking why there used bike is broken/fooked!

As for the new ones, I’ve seen him drop a few and just touch in the paint abit. I’ve also pretty much had to assemble a new front end because he ploghed it into a door. Or he’ll just decide he fancies taking a bike home and we won’t see it for ages.

He is a nice enough guy when he wants your money, but believe me, you guys haven’t seen the things i have.