show us ya ride............

il start with one of mine seeing as its a VERY special occasion of the bikes annual wash lol:D

fooook me its dead in here…

Maybe not a supermoto but off road all the same!:slight_smile:

As of Sunday night -



Looks good … show some more :cool:



On yer Garret :cool:
… here’s mine again. saw another one tonight :cool:



Looks like we might have to get an LB SuMo ride going soon! :smiley:

deffo get a ride organised great lanes kent or surrey or any up your way and il get a few of us?

When it was clean…:wink:



Go on then…my 613 smr, just had it knocked back to a more reliable 540.

kev finished it yet mate??

i love the look of your bike ben:cool: probably be better with the 540 kit:)

Here it is, the picture you’ve all been waiting for:cool: :


looks too blingy for my liking george:hehe:

nice varied selection of bikes guys and corrosion george :stuck_out_tongue: ben do you like the 540? way more reliable and youl be able to ride it faster too id say :smiley:

Corrosion! Where?

When I bought it about 15 months ago:

Hasn’t changed much since, apart from there is a lot less paint left on the engine, it now has good suspension and there’s another 8000 miles on the clock :cool:

Picking it up on Sunday! Can’t fookin wait. Then going off to the Lakes for a week prior to Flidfest…Happy Days:w00t:

nice one mate enjoy!!!

been a bit lazy lately as i got the duke2 wheels to fit plus powder coat swing arm:)