Should they be glowing?

Went down to warm up and move the bike, whilst doing this was listening to the engine as needs a little work and trying to establish what was wrong.

Anywho, looked at the top of the down pipes and they were glowing orange, never seen this befor so cannot say for certain if it has always been doing this, they are stainless steel pipes though.

So should they be glowing or not?

if youve been riding fast then yeah its normal.if your jst warming it up on tick over then i dont think thats normal but double check

mine will do that if i leave it on the choke for too long …

if any work has been done on the engine and IF it is possible to adjust the engine/ignition timing then that may be out of place but most systems are not adjustable these days so dont place too much on that …( used to get it with cars with the old distributor systems )

yer it was wrming on full choke, once it was on idle rev’s I could see it starting to cool down a little.

thanks for that was ust not sure as never seen it before (well on my bike)

Things glowing on bikes… thats kewl. i saw a video of a car which, under heavy braking, you could see the discs glow. Does this happen on high end bikes?

I think you would only get glowing discs if you had those fancy shmancy carbon ceramic discs… like on the F1 cars… and top end road cars

I think thats what the car had, yeah. Cheers.

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