Should I be worried about this?

So came back to the bike after a little run, and found oil (in pictures) was not alot and was not leaking, not sure if it is a case of getting the knee down to much which caused the oil to come out of the hole (pictured)

A little hard to tell, but If I was you I’d give it a good degrease and see if it reappears. Can’t really see what the hole is?

If it was ‘leaking’ it would continue to leak, but doesn’t look to be the case (from what I can see)?

You also might want to get some rust converter, to the bike :slight_smile:

yer was going to but been far to cold and been a bit naughty as not been using the bike she is feeling a little unloved

in theory the holes shown should have no relavance to the oil as the engine in theory is a sealed system with regards to oil otherwise this would just spray oil out all the time with the oil pressure ( if it is a 4 stroke system ( has own lubrication system and not rely on the oil in the fuel mix )

what bike is this ?

as said clean it off and see if it returns

its a gpz 500

looks like the head gasket is weaping oil

Would be impressive indeed if it was the head gasket … it’s below the place where the oil is :slight_smile:
Probably worth having a look at the cam cover gasket to see if it’s weeping a little - easy 20 minute job

looking at the first photo the rocker cover is at fuel tank level you can see the half circle end bung of the rocker cover gasket. the oil seapage is below the level of the downpipes which is in the area of the cylinder head to barrel area remember the downpipes are attached to the cylinder head on a 4 stroke engine.

well im sure its not coming out of the hole:)

most likey the head gasket

Errr… the head gasket is below the fake air cooling fins… so it is very unlikely it would be coming from there
It could, however, easily be coming from the cam cover somewhere - with a small weep it’s incredibly difficult to find if it’s a tiny amount because oil creeps everywhere
Does the GPZ500 have an oil cooler (long time since I worked on one) ?

+1 head gasket
leak is below exhaust headers if it was a cam cover cover gasket would be above

I’m afraid you’re wrong there.If it’s a slow weep from the cam cover or elsewhere, it often creeps down the path of least resistance.Could also be coming from the drain hole pictured if there’s a load of gammy crap down where the spark plug lives.If it was the head gasket, it would have to magically leap upwards onto the fake cooling fins… and in over 20 years of owning leaky bikes, I’ve never seen that :slight_smile:
It’s a water cooled bike, so I’d also expect to see some problems with coolant levels.

rehaps gurninman could help this fella fix his problem with his extensive knowledge of kawaka’s or maybe use some of his software? lol.

Yeah, I could… except I’m spending the weekend working on one of our cars ready for selling it …
Young Sleeper dude is welcome to pop along to Slough and I’ll have a look at it :slight_smile: