Short term insurance

Anybody know an insurer who will give me short term insurance ? Only need a week or so, just long enough to register a bike.


yer let me know as well as I’m looking for a short term insurance thingy to test drive a bike

ebike do exactly this - they sent me an email about it a few weeks ago.

Give them a shout.


Or insure and cancel. Just watch for cancellation fees

Thanks, will try eBike

I can’t cancel the current policy because I might need to claim on it if the council don’t pay up.

Yep, go with eBike. I just used them for two months insurance and it was quick and easy.

The dealer has managed to get an allocation of plates so it’s all sorted now, thanks for the suggestions

So, next weekend, I should have the bike, 2 weeks late but still summer. I can fully understand why some people ride or drive with no insurance, with companies like Bennetts fronting up the industry it’s only a matter of time before people start to not bother, not because of cost but the hassle and sheer incompetance.