Short term car insurance

You lot are my go to gurus for knowledge. You also make more sense than Google.

I have two cars which come up for insurance renewal this month.

I’m getting a lease car in May with its own insurance so I only need to insure one of my cars for three months and the other for six months.

Every insurer I speak to will only provide cover for one year. Do you know of anyone or a broker that can arrange insurance for shorter periods?

Cheers guys

I believe the cuva app offers temporary insurance. you can do either days or months on there last time I checked.

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I’d way up if it’s cheaper to go with a short term insurance or buy a full year and then cancel it when you don’t need it.


yeah, it really depends on the cost of the cancellation of the policy vs the cost of the short term policy.

I’ve used some of the up to 28 days policies in the past when borrowing mates vans etc. But never anything more than a few days.

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Do some googling on cancellation rights. I think they were strengthened a few years ago.

Insurance companies were very good at levying ‘administration charges’ when you cancelled but I believe they have to refund you pro rata now, with a reasonable admin fee permitted.

Of course that is probably an EU directive, who knows where we stand now.

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Cheers Michaels this worked out a lot cheaper as Admiral would add a £55 admin charge on early termination.

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