Short 'n' sweet

That’s the message, not me…

Just discovered the londonbiker podcasts when I was sorting out some new iTunes. Couldn’t resist signing up. Lifelong gixxer fan (currently GSXR600 and GSXR40SP track bike). XR125 does me proud round town though! Here’s to a long and happy life t for all of us!


Let me be the first to welcome you to LB, have fun!
What model 600 do you have?

Howdy !!

welcome aboard the slow train to insanity…but its all good fun along the way…

Mind the Gap !!!

welcome to LB!!

you have a k5 thou as well? or you just like fat cans

Good morning and welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick…



Welcome to the house of LB.

I feel exhausted after scrolling aroud that giant picture

Hey Flicka, welcome to LB!

guess who’s got his work head on!! mind the gap! all aboard!

welcome to LB mate

Thanks for the welcome…I see my post-pub intro to you all has a few typos and the pic is a bit large! The 1000 is just a lust thing. Anyway, my old 600 can still see off the odd R1 and 999 when you get it right!!! Smiles and miles and smiles

hi and welcome … boy that is one big pic

Hello and Welcome

Hello and and a warm welcome to LB.

Welcome to Lb mate! Did you subscribed for the podcast? Nice to hear from you

welcome to LB watch out for the newbie stick

Hiya! welcome to LB.

Hi and welcome