short boots

hi all… anyone use the short riding boots like the sidi street burner or alike … I’ve been thinking of getting a pair for warmer weather my boots are just so hot …
plus it would also be easier on my calves,calfs ??? (no I don’t mean 2 baby cows in my trousers, you know what I mean) squashing my leathers into my boots …
… cheerz…AL…

I have Daytona Journey’s.
They are excellent.

been looking at these coz I love my TRQ boots
them journeys look really comfy

what size are you? I’ve an unbranded pair in 9 that don’t fit me. give me £20 for them and you can see what they’re like to use daily.

lower limb injuries are most common in M’cycle crashes, and there are those on here that regretted wearing short boots.

jus saying is all.

hi groovy I’m a 9 … im interested …are they on the net anywhere so I can see what they are like …cheerz…AL…

Hi I bought a pair of Alpinestars SMX from these guys last year, wee only £99
Here’s a link to they’re websitethingy with the new SMX

thanks jesteR6… I saw the smx3 wanna try a pair on but I do like the look of them … I liked the sidi but I think they are way over priced for what they are…
KTM D… that’s what is in the back of my mind, I’m thinking ankles would get it with no restraint to stop twists, which is why I asked the question … I’m one of those people that you see in leathers on hot days sweating my nads off … its just my boots are making my feet too hot and uncomfortable I wanna have a look at the dainese they look like they are a mid boot with support for the ankle with the same design as my TRQ’s… thanks for the input …AL…

Pics as requested

I use some short Alpinestars ones, I love them. Only way to ride with some trousers, and especially in the city.

I have a pair of streetburners I have used for years, but use them less since getting a pair of full length perforated RST race tech boots from J and S. At £119 are cooler, wider, and give more protection than the streertburner.

I have these. They’re totes awesome.

I got the new Alpinestars fastback waterproofs. Use them every day, come rain or shine and theyre pretty damn good. Perfecr fit (same as my regular shoe size), light, very comfortable, enough flexibility in them to warrant for commuter use and work with some ride outs thrown in (try to use my regular lengyh boots for faster paces to give my shins a bit of security and me piece of mind lol). Yes, they are waterproof… ive walked into puddles, been caught in torrential rain for over an hour and theyve not let a single drop in. Not the cheapesr on the market but not the mpst expensive… pretty average at £120 from j&s. Correct me if im wrong but the older versions werent waterproof but the new ones are. Plus they look pretty slick.

I wear them with textiles or kevlar jeans and theyre fabulous. Wpuldnt go back to full length boot riding in the city, unless, like I said before, I was going for a faster pace jaunt. Check out Revzilla on youtube for some review/ gear view… theyre pretty nice.

cheerz ink that’s exactly what I want to use them for as well … around town … anything longer and I always wear full kit … the waterproof bit is important for me too … i’ll start riding around some shops to try some on …thanks…AL…

Alpinestars SMX thingies (only come up to the ankle but have sliders on, pretty cool) but I don’t think they sell them anymore. Spada sell something similar theyve just brought out but not sure I’d trust my toes in them.

the dainese boots I was looking at are mid length so above the ankle … the point was mentioned about ankle support, which is why I always wear boots … someone mentioned the summer boots that are perforated, I didn’t even think of them … this is why I posted to get opinions … now im not sure at all what I want … they will only be used for riding around town and short slower rides… if its wet out i’ll use my normal boots so them being waterproof is not a important as I thought
so I think ive just gotta go around and try some and see what I find … thanks …AL…

I also have a pair of these even with all my lower leg injuries