Shoiuld i change the oil?

The Hornet had a new oil filter and oil changed 10 months ago but has done 400 miles since then,

I am thinking of changing the oil and filter - or is this a waste as it hasn’t done anywhere near the miles it should?

I wouldn’t bother to be honest !

won’t hurt to change the oil, if it has only done 400 miles since the last change then it will have probably been run cold, the oil can then get contaminated with condensation, probably nothing to worry about, but then an oil change is peace of mind.

My courier Dylan would get an oil change once a week but then again I was doing up to 600miles a week.

Unless you were driving it hard for 400miles with no or little warm up, I wouldn’t bother.

as i just got the bike the miles were done by the previous owner :ermm:

Was he a teenage skin head with lots of points on his license?

dont think so the bike is in v good nick - but i got it off a dealer anyways

In that case it might be worth doing a change, in case the oil and filter were a little more than 400 miles ago ?

for peace of mind i’d do it :slight_smile:

It’s not going to hurt if you do change it but it doesn’t really need it.

It depends how much you really want to pamper your new P&J mate:cool: