Shoei NXR Sizing

Just looking for a bit of advice, can anybody tell me how Shoei NXR’s fit? To elaborate, I’ve only owned Shark and Arai helmets - I take an XS in Shark and a S in Arai (although I think I should have gotten a smaller size).

I’ve got my eye on a Shoei NXR so just wondering if anybody knows if they generally fit quite snug or if they are pretty spot on with their measurements. I know I should be trying them on first but I haven’t had the time the last few weeks and really want to get one :slight_smile:

When I tried the NXR on it didn’t fill quite right, can’t remember the exact issue. The GT-Air fitted much better for my noggin.

I’d wait till you get to try one on, maybe a ride out to Helmet City in Tatsfield, near Westerham is on the cards :slight_smile:

Do they provide measurements beyond the nominal circumference?

Not as far as I’m aware, just the usual limited measurements.

Aww I’ll never find that Gavin :frowning: I’ve made some enquiries on various UK helmet sites and checked their returns policy in case it fits completely wrong! Waiting on replies…

The problem with working off the nominal circumference is you don’t know what shape the ‘circle’ is or how high up it is, let alone what their particular definition of a centimetre is - there’s no way to work out if it’ll fit at all without trying it on. I’d also distrust a shop that allows the return of helmets - I have enough trouble trusting the postie and warehouse staff to not drop it, I’d really wonder if I want to buy a helmet that’s also been manhandled by the general public…

Some models of Shoei have variable thickness of cheek and centre pads available.

Once you find a Shoei size that fits new models always seem to fit in that size.

I’m probably on my 5th or 6th Shoei and always find the
medium (57cm) a perfect fit. I try to change my hat every
5 or 6 years but often get a bit lazy and leave it an extra
couple of years. I’ve never had a problem with them.

I can only really compare it to my other helmets which are both Shoei- a Qwest and a GT Air.
I do find some models different to others in their range, especially the GT Air, which is my main helmet.

I found the GT Air a much better fit as well- the NXR is more of a sports helmet- it is a bit lighter and feels to me like it has less padding.
I can wear the GT Air all day and it feels fine.
Found the NXR a bit noisier but it is a very compact helmet.

With sizing- I’m an L in a Qwest but an XL in the GT Air and NXR.
The GT air feels thinner than the NXR- I had to swap to the thinner cheek pads in the GT Air to get it to fit right.
The NXR was ok off the shelf.

It does look a bit hard to find, but it’s worth the visit and some good roads to ride around too :slight_smile:

When I bought my GT-air there they let me take it home and as long as the tags and protective film on the visor was still on I could return it if it didn’t fit ok.

Couldn’t have said it better myself!

You absolutely need to try one on (there are a few shoei stockists in london) and then speak to one of the lads off LB that work in a shop as they more often then not give LBers a discount or order from here with the LB discount (really good service)

Ok, I’ll try them on first, it will save me hassle in the long run. Metropolis stocks shoei, not sure if they stock the NXR, just need to find somewhere that does which is easier to get to lol.

J and S sell shoei, go see Paul at hanger lane or Ratty (can’t remember which one he works at).

Gants Hill

i wear AGV & Arai, in AGV i am S/XS same in Arai, i vary between models but i fit more AGV models than i do Arai, altho the newer R75 shape seems to oddly fit me much better.

Shoei feel weird on my head, the shells fell huge too me, all but the NXR, on that one i found the chin bar is very close to my face, almost no room at all, several customers of mine have found the same, so it may not fit you, but its defiantly one too look at, the only way you will know is to try both S and XS and keep them on for a bit.

i don’t have either in stock at the moment (due in) but if you want us to get them in or have a chat or even try some others, give us a shout- J&S Accessories Ilford 0208 5543494

J&S definitely have the NXR in stock.
IIRC Metropolis in Chiswick have the NXR too so you could be fairly sure Hanger Lane will have it.
If you can wait until November you’ll get it a lot cheaper at the NEC from Lids Direct.
I got my £480 GT Air for £320 from them.

As others said - definitely try one on unless you’ve owned a Shoei before and you know your size.
As far as I know Shoei have 5 shell sizes unlike some other brands that have 3 and just pad the bigger ones for smaller heads meaning it’s more important to physically put one on.

I, personally, have Qwest (medium) and I was told that once you know your “Shoei size” you can then order one online and you know it’ll fit.
I’ve also been told that each manufacturer’s helmet shapes are different and there are people for whom Arai e.g. fits the best, the are those for whom Shoei feels the best, etc.

So make sure you try different brands on and don’t just go for something that someone said. You might find that Shoei is actually not as comfortable as your Shark or some other brand.

Oh no no no… Even within helmet manufacturers helmet models can differ greatly in fit.

For example my head fits well in the Shoei XR1100 but the Qwest is not comfortable for me. In contrast, my broether’s head fits in the Qwest perfectly but the XR1100 is not good…

Oh, right. I must be wrong then. It’s just that a few people have told me the same thing so I just assumed it was true. I’d probably never buy a helmet without trying one on anyway, just like with boots or trousers.

Serrisan is right- Shoei sizing is different from model to model.
I’m an L in a Qwest and an XL in the GT Air- probably because of the contouring that is done to fit the sun visor in the GT Air.
They don’t use the same shells across all the models.

Thanks for all the advice :smiley: I’ve managed to try one on (not the graphics I wanted) so I’ve been in touch just helmets who are going to get one sorted for me on Monday :hehe: with the LB discount and other goodies!