Shoei helmets

This is prolly a fairly stupid question in the grand scheme of stupid questions, but I’ve seen a Shoei that I really like the look of, but I’ve only ever seen it on the Shoei website and one (in the wrong size) on eBay. I’m hesitant to buy helmets online at all…

So does anyone know whether shops will order specific models in? If so, which shops? :smiley:

Any decent Shoei dealer should be able to order any of their items in!

I ordered my Karl Harris rep from Infinity in Farnborough. I hadn’t seen it anywhere except the Shoei catalogue. It took 3 days from ordering to collecting.

I also know Slocombes Honda in Willesden can and will order Shoeis in

You can also try On Yer Bike in Bicester (Oxfordshire) or MCA in Leicester both are approved Shoei dealers and will oreder and mail anything you need regarding biking and biking accesories. Customer service is also second to none!

Cheers for that!

My leathers are from MCA in Leicester. I went down to see em and they were top bods! They wouldn’t let me leave til they found something that fit me :stuck_out_tongue:

so come on then, wanna know what the helmet looks like…

No worries Keti!

I’ve ordered a few things over the phone from MCA and took a drive up there (in the car unfortunately) wid the missus and got her a nice Dainese Ladies Jacket, we must have spent about an hour and a half there with the missus trying on various different 2 pieces - LoL

You could go into your bike shop and ask them to order one in for you…

My advice is never buy a helmet by post;

You can’t try it on for one…

And have you seen the way parcels are thrown about is the parcel depot? and then more parcels are thrown on top of it in the cage?:pinch:

Not good for a One Impact Item!

Nope, wasn’t planning to, Toast. That’s why I’d like to get one ordered in. I’ve never had a specific bike shop that I go to, tbh. My first lid was bought in Manchester and the ones subsequently were bought from all different places. So we’ll have to see which one turns out to be cheapest! :smiley:

a lid from manchester, leathers from leicester… talk about finding excuses to go on rides…

how about new gloves from Scotland :wink: :Whistling:

A common view :slight_smile: But how do they get to the shops? You never really know do you? :crazy:

Why not wait til the Bike Show?

You can try lids on all day long and get yaself a Brucie Bonus;):smiley: