Shock Horror

Just had a call, my bike is not going to be ready tonight, having a cam chain fitted.

So I have the pleasure of a S reg GS500 for the ride round the M25 tonight and back in the morning.

Take a cushion! I did 200 miles on 1 of them over the weekend doing my DAS and my bum was killing me after about 30 mins

oh crap, should I take the same advise as I’m doing my DAS on 1 as well…


They could have offered you a Aprillia RS250 n you would have been happier - how can they expect a Busa rider to go back to 1/4 of power, on a sh!tHole of a bike

I feel for ya mate

Could have been worse mate, at least its still a zooki

Well I made it home you are right about the cushion must remember one for in the mornin

Oh! and I must remember to keep away from the 18 wheelers

The GS is an appalling bike, but cheap as chips to buy and run, so what do you expect?

I expected exactly what I got At least they gave me lone bike and it has got me into work this mornin

Now should I replace the Busa with one

Think yourself lucky!

Last time my bike was in for service they gave me a K reg or something …

125! for my 70 mile a day commute.

There was a faint hope of a Gsxr 750 Demo bike that didn’t materialise, I was gutted.

But I tell you what, I’ve never appreciated my own bike so much as when I got it back, all nicely serviced as well! So there’s always a brightside!

Why not just buy 1 to supplement the Busa. Whats the point in squaring off your tyres, putting loads of miles on the Busa if you’re only commuting round the motorway every day.

Buy a cheap GS/CB and save the Busa for the weekend

I have considered that loads of times, but to be honest I don’t think I could leave the Busa in the garage and climb on some nail

wear the tyres out buy some new ones as for the milage don’t care