Hi all,

I’m a newbie biker and have a question about when is ideal to shift gears.
I have a little YBR125 and I was told to shift around 7-8k but this feels too high to me.
The engine sounds strained and high pitched.

Is this typical for a 125?

If I shift closer to 5-6k it feels/sounds better but obviously not as much power.
What is the rule of thumb on this?


Depends what your trying to do :-
Full on hard acceleration thake it right though to the bred line
super carefull slow ride short shift at 1/4 full revs
Normal riding keep in in the middle third of the rev range

Bikes are mostly much higher / and freer revving than cars


Thanks Dave, that is very helpful.
Are higher rev changes harder on the engine?

Know exactly what you mean - if you’re used to driving a car, then it can be hard to get used to it being ok to stay in the upper half of the rev range. Sounds like your thrashing the engine! Am not very technical, so will let one of the boys explain why, but yes 7-8k no problem at all. And is more fun!!

Yes, engine damage was my main concern.
Certainly more power up the top half.
I guess the high pitch of the engine there is just because it is a 125?

wot Dave Spanners said. middle third, for general riding, getting a push on then slap it of the limiter, but not all day every day,

I’ve never owned a 125, so no, not just them, my ER-6F and the GS both sound uncomfortable in the higher rev range, especially when they are close to red lining. But that is only cos I spent so long as a driver before becoming a rider. Once you get used to it and realise that you are doing no harm, you’ll get bored just ‘pootling’ and will look for any opportunity to red line!! Just don’t keep it up there constantly - middle rev range is where you will spend at least 80% of the time. The other thing I took a while to learn is that dropping a gear is often a good idea, low gear + high revs = more control. In Central London, rarely get out of 2nd!

If you’re ok that the oil is the right type, there’s enough of it, and the exhaust/valves are all ok then just shift as you see fit - you’ll have to try pretty hard to damage a 125 engine that’s otherwise in good order.

I never came out of 2nd gear on my 125… I was always at high revs.
But it was a 2stroke not 4.
But even now on a 4stroke I’m always high revs low gear…

Pin has just given me a funny look!

God dam instructor!

Only worry past the red line otherwise it’s all good. Enjoy the higher revs and the screamin. It’s the bike singing at the top of its voice. Lovely!

I don’t think revving hard is that hard on engines I do it a lot OK I am a bit OCD on maintenance and use the best oil
My CB500 lives close to or in the red when I in a hurry it my second the first stolen at 96K no engine problems
This on n had stod when I got it at 16k and did a big end at 19k the crank was rusty and a flake blocked an oil way
Engine in it now has done 130k uses oil when ridden had but goes better than the original engine

Use the bike but don’t neglect the oil check weekly or daily if doing lots if the a rev limiter just bounce off it in a hurry if not stay below the red line

Bikes mostly are meant to rev