SheepFest 2006

Off for a few days gang so behave whilst I’m away!!

I’m in a ‘run’ across an undisclosed route across the country, ultimately ending in Snowdonia with checkpoints between the start (to be announced) and the finish (to be announced!!)

The Blade has been given a full service, tyres are relatively new and i have enough Red Bull to last the four days it will take.

and the LB stickers on the Blade are in full view!!!

piccies will be posted on my return.

Have fun Del,

We will be doing something similar in November after going to the Bike Show at the NEC and then heading round said undisclosed country,

except you’ll be wrapped up a bit more i would imagine!!!


Ohhh Yes,

and we are definately not camping…

Cant wait to see your pics

Heh, have fun mate. You’re a bit late for the Cannonball Bike Run though, you know Del? Pics please!

I couldn’t afford the Caanon ball…that’s the only thing that put me and a couple of friends off it last year…

It’s getting worse as well now, authorities look to confiscate your bike as well…

Bit too pricey!!

  1. Bike - Check

2.Money - Check

  1. Nerves - ?

Nerves, where the hell are my nerves???

see you in 4 days!!


Right he’s gone…

…last one over the ton on the M4 in Slough is a wuss…

…(not that my heap can get over a ton in it’s current state of course…)

mine can though lol

Do you think i could get a ton out of mine if it was a really big hill and i turned my engine off…

I’m back.

i set of BT14’s trashed.

I have to have surgically removed the plank of wood inserted in between my shoulderblades…

My hands have been dyed black from the sweat produced into my gloves.

My blade is ‘grey’ and i can’t bear to look at it.

But, I came first.


sheesh, i am exhausted.

I shall post shots at the weekend…


Final line and no-one else in sight…the A4212 from Bala,


(yeah, i know it’s big, but i couldn’t* shrink it!!)

*don’t know how…

He he!

Well done!

back to reality now…