Shed base

Anyone on here know how much for a 6.5m x 6.5m concrete base
And anyone that can do it

3m of concrete, 3m of type one aggregate. Some shuttering. Price depends on mixer access. Thats a lot of concrete to mix on site.

Around ten metric tons (10,000kg dry mix) for a 20cm pad.

That is a lot to mix on site.:pinch:

What you building Pin, is the site relatively flat, a concrete pad that size would benefit from a steel mesh to strengthen it, where is all the water off the roof going to go?

What’s the access like? Could a concrete wagon back up to it? Does the ground need digging down or blinding?

We pay around £100 cubic metre for concrete on site, we’ll have a decent discount but we’re also using higher grade than you’d need so I guess that’s around the cost you’d be looking at. Reinforcing mesh (if you need it) will probably set you back about £40 a sheet plus delivery and you’d need maybe 5 sheets.

I don’t work on small domestic projects but I’d say 3 guys would do the lot in a day so maybe £600 for Labour, shuttering ply etc. Guess that puts you at around £1200 for a 150mm deep slab.

If you’re willing to get your hands dirty you could save on labour, it’s not rocket science. If access is difficult then the cost could increase quite dramatically.


I need a place to store my Ducati

So I’m looking in to building a small shed about 6m x 6m

Access is not bad but not great concrete if delivered mixed would

Need wheelbarrowing round

I also need it cleared and pepping for the base

I have had a quote for a smaller base with clearing of 2000 but I don’t like the look of the shed




A small shed? 6.5m x 6.5m? That’s bigger than my flat

haha i was thinking the same thing.

that’s some shed base 20x20ft that’s double garage size almost

do you have the hardcore & you will need an expansion joint & metal grid for that size.

Also depending on the size of your garden & how far it is away from the house you will possibly need building regs

& you not allowed over 4m in height (12Ft)

Maybe Ducatis need one room to sleep in, another to spend the day in, ensuite washing facilities and cupboard space for tools.

This is what I’m looking at

It looks a good price
And as far as I can see it does not need planning
And I might be putting the bengal in it so I can get some sleep

looks nice make a good workshop

it might be classed as a garage just check with your local building control to be on the safe side what is required a quick phone call could save you money in the long run

this link is useful but not !00% use it as a guide

For that sort of volume you’ll be better with a ‘mix at site’ lorry, where theres a big mixer on the back that produces a constant stream of wheelbarrow fulls. The problem with premixed/pumped is you normally get all that you ordered - and may end up with a pile of spoil left to get rid of, or be a little short.

that’s a very respectable mancave.