She WAS the one... my heart hurts, PLEASE HELP CASH REWARD

Kawasaki ZX6R - Licence plate MX 08 FUU

Green raceing trim, carbon Akrapovich Exhaiust System. Stolen from Cranfield Road, SE 4 between 5 and 6pm tonight. 

CASH REWARD offered for good info, and/or recorvery of this bike.

I was considering divorcing my wife for this one, she was an awesome ride. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN

Not to far from me I’ll keep an eye out bud!!

Proper sucks and hope you get her back…

Cheers Sleeper, you don’t know any of the dark places local turds would take it to abandon for tracker response do you? Cul de Sacs, or old garages where plod don’t venture much unless a tracker calls em… ? 

No sorry mate, so many little back streets around these ways…

Does it have a tracker then? Only ask as I thought the higher end ones can broadcast through walls etc.

He’s a clean-living lad and doesn’t hang round in scrote territory. Sorry for your loss Toby.
Your thread title doesn’t really alert folks to look out for a stolen bike though - just suggesting you might do better with more info in the title
Good luck x

The tracker is currently in a Royal Mail depot on its way to me… Only had the bike 6 weeks.

:frowning: and so it strikes, so close to home.

Good luck. Hope she’s recovered.