Shaved Head for Children in Need??? Friday!

This came down the wire today at work. I wonder if we could get enough people together for a team LB??? I would do it if others would, and my head really isn’t the shape for it, but damnit, this is for charity!

We are looking for willing clients to have their heads shaved as part of a World Record breaking attempt in aid of BBC Children In Need at the Celebrity Scissorhands Academy this Friday 17th November.

The academy is at BBC TV Centre, London and will be open from 7pm - 2am on Friday 17th November. The World Record attempt is currently scheduled to take place at 11pm.

If you or your colleagues know of any people who are planning on shaving their heads as part of an existing fundraiser for Children In Need we would love to talk to them about the possibility of doing it with us live at the Academy on Friday night. Please ask them to contact me on 020 8225 7777 if you know of anyone who might be interested!

Many thanks and best wishes,

Sophie Broadbent
Celebrity Scissorhands
Direct Line: 020 8225 7777

BBC Television Centre
Room 4071
4th Floor Wedge
Wood Lane
W12 7RJ

put Charlie down… :wink:

you got no chance id look like a ****ing match


Well most of mine is already missing… and its probably the closest I’ll ever come to a world record! I’m quite tempted.

i no good for it, shaved already.

Would love to see the ladies do it though, oo i do like a shved head on a lady, lol
Sigourney weaver in aliens, hoo har

Ive done it before (see gallerys) for that little mite with Leukaemia (Ace Cafe Associated) that went for a party in Disney before she fell to sleep !!

Not only did it make me feel good…I got a free haircut !!

I,ll do it !!..First !!

I did mine this summer. ADVICE: buy a warm hat, I avioded cold weather till I got back from Korea a few weeks ago, my lugs are freezing now!

sorry… not a chance

charity begins at home…and they can do better things with my money than my hair

I think I’d rather donate money than have my hair shaved off! It’s my only asset and it ain’t that great

Not long had 4" lopped off my hair but i couldnt go bald !!! blimey…i cant imagine many of us women would do that…respect to those that would…but its a female thing i think?